Bagnodesign Launches Smart Mirror

The Harlem backlit LED mirror is equipped with an energy saving motion sensor


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Bagnodesign has launched the Harlem backlit LED mirror, which combines a classic wooden frame with modern LED illumination. The elegant American oak finish is highlighted by the soft glow of the backlight, enhancing the aesthetics as well as functionality of the mirror.

Adding a touch of technology to the bathroom, the Harlem backlit LED mirror comes with a sensor on the front. This means that the illumination around the mirror can be switched on and off without having to touch a light switch with wet or soapy fingers. Simply sliding one’s hand in front of the sensor can control the LED illumination, making it easy to quickly switch off after use and save power.

Part of the Sanipex Group, the Bagnodesign brand has proven to provides comprehensive and integrated collections used by residential developers, hospitality groups and institutional buildings.

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