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Anesthesia Contact Lenses is looking for regional distributors


Anesthesia Contact Lenses.

Anesthesia was founded by Mon Ros International Co in 2014, with a vision to produce the highest quality contact lenses. Covering a wide range of colours, the lenses are produced and designed by the team of expert eye specialists.

Anesthesia lenses are produced with extensive scientific research in order to ensure that they are comfortable and long lasting lenses.

What would you say is your brands unique selling point?

Anesthesia brand collections are all uniquely designed, which makes them eye catching to our customers. Anesthesia lenses are available in Natural colour, Tri Blend and Quad blend colour lense collections. Our lenses are produced with the highest quality material to provide our customers with the most comfortable and long lasting product.

Where are Anesthesia lenses product currently stocked?

Anesthesia lenses are currently stocked in the USA, Germany, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. We are currently making contact with more retailers in the Middle East in order to make our products more widely available.

What is your bestselling product?

This is a tough question as they are all unique in their own way. I’ll pick out a few from each of our collections: from Anesthesia Dream collection the two most popular styles are Dream Hazel and Dream Gray; the Anesthesia USA range features L.A Cinnamon and Vegas Pearl which perform very well; our Anesthesia Addict collection has several styles including Lollite, Platino, Crema, Blue, Maroon and Oro; and finally the popular styles from the Anesthesia Anesthetic range are Mar, Gris and Tan.

Why do you think your range would appeal to the Middle East market?

Anesthesia lenses have been designed with scientific and technical research for the Middle East region due to hot its atmosphere. Our lenses are produced to be comfortably worn in warm temperatures while keeping the eyes moist with 38.8% water and high oxygen levels. We have produced our lenses to best suit all skin tones. Most of customers from Middle East reach out to us about whether the lenses would suit their skin tone. We have lenses that will suit everyone.

Did you know?

Coloured contact lenses can be worn to make green eyes even greener. Alternatively, coloured lenses can be used to completely change the colour the iris, as in from brown to blue.

Email: drsam@monrosintl.com, q8drsam@gmail.com Tel: +96599338333 Website: www.anesthesialenses.com

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