Bespoke Trailers Rolls into the Beauty Market

The Dubai-founded company is slashing overheads with its custom mobile units


Within a space of a 7m x 2.3m trailer you can set up a shop, a beauty salon or a nail bar.

Driven by high rents and overheads, entrepreneurs in the UAE are moving away from conventional bricks and mortar business models and towards more versatile options.

With an innate understanding of the mobile business market, Bespoke Trailers, a custom trailer manufacturer in the GCC, is lowering barriers to entry by delivering high quality mobile business units across most market segments. The starting price for a 4-metre unit with a fitted out interior runs from AED 80 to 100,000 (US $21,783 to US $27,230). While much of Bespoke Trailers’ business is found within the F&B sector, the company’s diversified portfolio has extended its services into other industries. Middle East Beauty sat down with Bespoke Trailers co-founder, Jamal Wick who explained: “We’re currently approaching industries such as fashion, beauty, retail, medical, education, libraries, and energy. There’s a huge spectrum and we’re focussing on beauty right now.

Jamal Wick

Clients can view the wide selection of units on display at the Bespoke Trailers showroom in Al Quoz. All trailers can be enhanced to include an extensive spectrum of capabilities. You can give the customer a luxurious experience without having to do an expensive fit out.” Wick added: “People have great ideas but they can’t afford the tremendous rent especially in Dubai. Within a space of a 7m x 2.3m trailer you can set up a shop, a beauty salon or a nail bar. Also, existing salons can set up at someone’s house for an event or service a wedding party.” According to Wick, cultural norms in the region have also contributed to the popularity of this business model: “Not every woman want to park at the mall and walk to the hair salon. In Saudi Arabia, everything happens behind closed doors. We’ve already experienced that in F&B but we know that there’s also a similar market when it comes to beauty.” The Bespoke Trailers team offers a 360° service and are on hand from the moment an entrepreneur approaches them to the day they launch their business. The aim is to provide its clients with a personalised experience. Wick said: “We take them to our manufacturer in Ras Al Khor, introduce them to our manufacturing team, show them the quality of the finishing and the type of floor they want.”

In addition to the reduced initial financial outlay, there are added cost-savings to be had during the hotter months when business is slow. “You can work on seasonality. During the summer you pull up your trailer and you can put it to sleep so you cut the operational cost of the unit during the quiet period,” Wick explained. Wick highlighted a bonus benefit of being mobile: “Advertising. Having your brand on wheels is free advertising. It’s extremely efficient and powerful. Having a billboard on Sheikh Zayed Road is anything from AED 300,000 to 1.5million per month.”

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