Twiink Lash Studio Debuts in the UAE

Lash treatments are given on customised posturepedic beds


Twiink Lash Studio Debuts in the UAE.

Located in Abu Dhabi, the recently launched Twiink Studio is a specialist lash studio.

The studio will feature lash artists who will start with a consultation. Guests have a choice of lash services that range from extensions of lashes to YUMI Lashes Keratin treatment options to enhancing the volume of natural lashes. 

The lash transformations are given on custom designed posturepedic treatment beds.

Twiink Studio will also be bringing one of New Zealand’s brands, Mcollections mineral make up to the UAE. The cosmetics range consists of anti-oxidants and natural oils and is paraben free.

For more information, contact +971 58 5894465 or visit @twiinkstudio.

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