Cambodia’s Anantara Spa Launches Khmer Experiences

The treatments feature silk facials, foot rituals and a massage


Khmer healing experiences at the Anantara spa.
2019 John W McDermott

Siem Reap’s Anantara Angkor resort has introduced a series of Khmer wellness experiences.

The treatments that have been added to the Anantara spa are inspired by Khmer healing practices and the seven ways of enlightenment – mindfulness, investigation, energy, rapture, tranquillity, concentration and equanimity. 

The wellness journeys feature a five-hour Samadhi or concentration, a floral foot ritual, a Chi Nei Tsang massage, a Himalayan pink salt scrub, a golden cocoon silk facial, a Tibetan praying wheel meditation, incense stick making and a monk blessing ceremony.

The core wellness packages feature a seven-day reshape programme that recalibrates the body healthily under the guidance of a personal fitness coach. The programme will appraise the participant’s routine, customary diet and fitness habits.

Complementary sessions have been crafted as part of this program such as mountain biking and meditation sessions.

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