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The beauty specialist takes us through her must-have products


In the bag, Sara Sayed, Makeup, BEAUTY

A PR and beauty specialist with more than seven years’ experience in the industry. Her expertise lies in identifying cultural trends in the beauty industry and recognising brands that celebrate inclusion and diversity. Sarah loves everything makeup and beauty, and shares her passion with her friends and fans on @opinionatedsarah

Kat Von D’s Everlasting Lip Liner

I have found myself swapping my liquid lipsticks for lip liners these past few months, but why? I feel like it is just a lot easier to apply when you are on the move, especially when we are talking about darker/red shades. They also feel light on the lips and the best one that I have tried so far has been Kat Von D’s since they are so creamy, they don’t need a sharpener and the brand has a wide collection of shades. Also, it is completely vegan and cruelty-free!

Kat Von D

NYX’s Epic Ink Liner

I have always had trouble lining my eyes, until I came across NYX’s epic liner. This little wonder gives a jet black, clean line without having to go over the line again. The way the liner brush also helps the clumsy (AKA myself) in getting the perfect flick.


Lush’s Lip Scrub

Made of sugar, spice and everything nice! This lovely lip scrub from Lush has been a staple in my bag for the last 6 years! People always use a primer before applying makeup, but often forget that lips require prepping too for a smooth and perfect pout! An extra plus? It’s made of sugar, so you can lick it off after scrubbing for your treat of the day!


Benefit’s Hello Happy Foundation

I am the worst when it comes to finding my shade of foundation, but ever since my friend gave me this lovely product as a gift, I have been getting compliments left and right. This foundation is easily blended, doesn’t oxidize, and provides a coverage that makes it seem that you have a filter on in real life.


Sephora’s “The Mascara”

Getting that “fan effect” has never been easier ever since I started using this mascara. It is honestly the only mascara that I have ever used that never created that “clumpy” look after applying a refresh coat throughout the day. The mascara itself does dry out faster than other ones in the market, so I would use this on its own until its finished.


L'Occitane Radiant Balm 

The OG hang bag essential! I literally have about 3 of these (atleast) spread across my bag, office and car. One of the few creams that are light to use and give enough moisturisation without


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