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R&R is a luxury beauty brand founded on the philosophy of transforming shea into naturally enriching beauty products


A selection of R&R Luxury products.

Founded by Valerie Obaze in 2010, just after the birth of her daughter Rebecca Rose from whom R&R takes its name, the brand is committed to using the purest natural ingredients.

Guided by the core values of ethical sourcing and nature preservation, R&R uses 100% natural shea butter and other unrefined natural ingredients in all its formulations, sourced directly from the Shea countryside of Ghana, West Africa. It’s known as the only region in the world where the shea tree has been growing for thousands of years. Obaze has created a range of beauty formulations from shea butter and other natural ingredients including oils for the face, body and hair; liquid and bar soaps, lip balm, scented candles and home fragrance.

R&R Luxury is currently seeking distribution in the Middle East. Here, founder Obaze explains what makes the brand stand out from its competitors.

What would you say is your brand’s unique selling point?
All of the ingredients we use in R&R product formulations are made from 100% natural ingredients, sourced from within West Africa. From raw shea butter to pure coconut oil and baobab oil, every ingredient has its own immense benefit for the skin, body and hair too. Each R&R product formulation is heavily researched, tried, tested and hand-produced, from our Liquid Black Soap (which has shea butter for extra moisture) to our unique blend of essential oils, which provide our customers with the perfect scent to unwind for some aromatherapy and relaxation.

Where are R&R Luxury products currently stocked?
R&R products are currently available in the UK, USA, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and Ivory Coast. We are currently speaking to retailers in Dubai and hope our products will be available to purchase in the UAE soon. You can find out where to find our products here: www.randrluxury.com.

What is your best-selling product? Why has it been so successful?
Our best-selling product is shea oil which we off er in three varieties: Ori-Nku (unscented), Lemongrass and Serenity. Many people are used to shea butter in its traditional form, which can be quite difficult to spread on the skin, but we think about our customer as a cosmopolitan, busy individual and try to make the product easier for them to use whilst still getting the amazing benefi ts of shea butter.

R&R Luxury Travel Kit

Why do you think your range of products would appeal to the Middle East market?
As a brand, R&R Luxury received great interest at the Middle East Natural and Organic Products Expo in 2017. Women (and men) in the Middle East care about their skin and the type of products they use for themselves and their family. Our products are user-friendly, easy to apply and most importantly, natural.


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