Super Ingredients are Back at Sephora Middle East

The collections focus on skin hydration and detoxification


Super Ingredients are Back at Sephora Middle East

Sephora’s Super Ingredients skin care collections intend to give a glowing complexion and a fresh look during the summer. There are five different collections that are being featured.

The Rose collection, including anti-oxidant and hydrating properties, is provided by products from Pixi and Clarins.

The Charcoal collection is meant to cleanse away impurities and excessive oil, with products from GlamGlow, Boscia and Sephora Collection.

The Coconut collection has products by STARSKIN that help smoothen the skin and strengthen hair.

Nourishment and anti-oxidant properties are provided by products by Sephora from the Berry collection.

Lastly, the Mushroom collection focuses on boosting skin resilience and reducing skin inflammation. This collection features products by Origins.

All products are available at Sephora Middle East stores and online at /

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