WaterClub’s Multi-tasking Shower Filter

We find out more about the 'clean' beauty solution


WaterClub's 'clean' beauty solution.

Experts agree that skin and hair exposure to unfiltered, chlorinated water can be more harmful than drinking it. This is because more chlorine is able to enter the respiratory system through inhalation.

In addition to chlorine, unfiltered tap water can contain several other chemicals, impurities, bacteria and minerals. It's also common for fungus and millions of microorganisms to grow inside unfiltered shower heads. Though no filter can completely remove all the impurities from tap water using a shower filter from a reputable manufacturer can be very beneficial for the skin and the hair.

We caught up with CEO of Collector Consulting FZ LLC and Waterclub.ae Omar Chappuis to find out more about WaterClub's shower filter.

How does the shower filter work?
The water passes through shower filter stones which have their own set of benefits. The maifan stones are strong anti-bacterial stones that replenish the necessary microelements and beneficial mineral substances back into the water. Then there’s the alkaline tourmaline balls that naturally generate negative ions which are known to enhance the immune system. Lastly it’s the calcium sulfite that removes chlorine up to 100% and filters the water to its purest form.

Can they be installed in commercial venues?
Of course, and they’re not limited to spas and salons. Waterclub.ae filters are in hotels, restaurants and other types of businesses. Everyone needs to wash their hair and use good quality filtered water for drinking, cooking and personal hygiene. It makes perfect sense.

How do they help prevent hair loss?
By filtering out harmful chemicals like chlorine, the Waterclub.ae shower filters prevent scalp irritation and dryness, which can cause hair loss. Consumers benefit from softer hair and skin and experience a reduction in hair loss.

Is there a noticeable reduction in water consumption?
The Waterclub.ae filters are installed with turbo charged pressure. Average water consumption is reduced by up to 50%, so it’s not only great for your hair, but also saves water and reduces utility bills.

How can businesses contact you?
Contact: Omar Chappuis
T: +971 50 927 8476
E: omar@collector-consulting.com
W: www.waterclub.ae

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