Niyama’s Drift Spa Adds IV Therapy to its Offering

Guests Niyama Private Islands in the Maldives can now experience the cutting edge rejuvenation treatment


Drift Spa.

In collaboration with Beverly Hills IV Therapy, Drift Spa at Niyama Private Islands Maldives, will begin offerring a comprehensive menu of IV therapy formulations.

IV therapy delivers nutrients directly to the bloodstream for more immediate results, from addressing stress to maintaining good health levels. Said to treat a wide range of health concerns, IV therapy has become the go-to rejuvenation treatment for time-poor professionals, athletes, travellers and health advocates.

Drift Spa’s resident medical staff worked with Beverly Hills IV Therapy CEO Deborah Alessi to create a menu of IV therapy formulations including detox, fat burn, anti-aging, jet lag, and vacation booster. “After 16 hours of travelling to paradise, the last thing you want is to lose days of enjoyment because you are just too exhausted,” Alessi explained. “Guests can spend an hour at the spa getting a manicure and an IV at the start of their stay and get all the vitamins they need to strengthen the immune system, clear toxins, and hydrate.”

Each IV therapy treatment starts with a free consultation and a review of the guest's medical history.

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