Hot Topic: Are Sheet Masks Effective?

Nicole Arnoldussen and Rosa Bullock go head-to-head on this month’s hot topic


Hot Topic April.

STARSKIN co-founder, Nicole Arnoldussen - YES

Popping on a sheet mask is like rewinding the clock and erasing the fact that you skimped on moisturiser, went to bed with your make up on, or didn’t get your beauty sleep.

Sheet masks intensely hydrate, balance and soothe your skin, or brighten a lackluster complexion. Simply put, they are an essential step in your beauty regimen as they deliver instant and visible results, from the comfort of your home. One of the biggest benefits of quality sheet masks is their efficacy in delivering concentrated doses of active ingredients into the skin.

Sheet masks work as a physical barrier for your skin to absorb active ingredients. Think of it as a cocoon of skin care, where good stuff gets in but nothing gets out. While the serum the sheet mask is drenched in is key, so is the delivery system.

At STARSKIN our sheet masks are specially developed to adhere closely to the skin. For instance, one of the first secrets we revealed was Bio-Cellulose - considered by dermatologists to be the gold standard in treating skin. Derived from coconut juice, this medical-grade material acts as a second skin for the best absorption of the ingredients. Not only does this mean it won’t slip off but this allows the mask to ‘force-feed’ generous amounts of serum deeper into the skin. It also has amazing fluid-holding capacity which means it’s two to three times more hydrating.

Sociate LLC founder, Rosa Bullock - NO

I don’t think sheet masks are as effective as people claim they are. They’re refreshing and a great way to tell yourself that you’ve ticked self-care off your to-do list but they probably owe most of their success to tactical marketing.

On the rare occasion I use sheet masks, I opt for a mask packed with vitamin C. While my skin looks temporarily more vibrant after using the mask, the effect doesn’t survive the test of time. In this case,

20 minutes. The wild popularisation of sheet masks has caused dubious budget-friendly options to crop up. For a product that intimately impacts your skin, you mustn’t risk playing with fire (or toxic ingredients, in this case).

Sheet masks are also fidgety and restrictive, which can be stressful if you’re in a hurry. However, the real issue with sheet masks, in my opinion, does not lie with the product but with people’s expectations of it.  We’ve seen this before with kale, aloe vera and turmeric. The minute something is lauded as a health saviour, the world goes into overdrive using it.

The short of it is that sheet masks have a lot going for them but they shouldn’t be expected to work wonders. Instead, they’re a great way to spend a cozy Saturday night on the couch, with a glass of grape and Netflix.

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