Editor’s Letter: What Does Clean Mean?

Claudia de Brito discusses the clean beauty trend


Claudia de Brito.
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Riding the current wave of rising demand for natural skin care products, the Mid-dle East’s first dedicated clean beauty site, Project Byouty will go live this month.

Dubai-based Amy Wilkinson Lough, who is one of the co-founders was inspired to start the concept after battling with health issues for decades. Despite there being a demand, she struggled to find naturally-derived products that were available in the region with deliveries from international e-tailers could taking up to five weeks to arrive.

Project Byouty will stock ore than 70 brands that include Tata Harper, Mara and Lixir and will deliver to all countries in the GCC. According to Wilkinson Lough, social media has catalysed the interest in making mindful beauty choices.

Speaking to BoF, she said: “Our millennials are savvy, and rapidly aware of global leading brands. Quick fixes are out, it’s about education and prevention for the ladies of the GCC [and] natural science-driven brands are our fastest growing segments currently.”

According to Project Byouty’s research, the clean beauty market regionally was estimated to be worth between US $2.25 and $2.5 billion in 2017 and they expect this figure to grow by about 15% over the next five years.

Still, most people in the beauty industry are unclear about what clean beauty means with prominent figures such as the likes of Dr. Barabara Sturm calling the term a “marketing gimmick”. Is it organic, chemical-free, sustainable, environmentally friendly? Who knows?

In the meantime, we speak to the CEO of certified sustainable brand Davines about its conscious approach to beauty. It’s an ethos echoed by Leija Cas, whose masks combine science and spirituality. Another self-made female entrepreneur graces our cover. Maha Morley-Kirk’s latest faux mink lash collection is aimed at vegans who want to use cruelty-free products. Representation and taking consumers’ needs into account is a big focus at this year’s Beautyworld Middle East. Show director Elaine O’Connell takes us through what to look forward to.

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