Five Minutes With... Michaela Boyanova

The international lash and brow trainer talks about trends, technique and the growing popularity of lash extensions


Michaela Boyanova.

What attracted you to the beauty industry?
That’s a good question – a couple of things actually, I´ve always been attracted to pretty things and I am very social person, so it really just fell into place to make people pretty for a living! I studied to teach languages in university, so when the opportunity to become a trainer came up, it just felt right.

What would your advice be to someone wanting to train as a lash technician?
My advice would be - do it. And don’t give up. It takes time, patience and practice. I remember when I had my very first training in classic lashes - on my way out of the academy, I thought it was terrible and that I would never get the hang of it, and here I am seven years later - not only working with lashes on daily basis, but as an international trainer.

Why do you think lash extensions have become so popular in this region?
Lash extensions are popular everywhere, it’s a blooming industry and a very dynamic one. The answer is very simple - everyone wants to look pretty with minimal effort and lash extensions do just that.

What are some essential tools that every lash professional should have?
A good adhesive and a great pair of tweezers.

Does volume lashes bulgaria have any upcoming launches or innovations?
We in Volume Lashes Bulgaria are always on the move, I can’t give away too much right now, but we are the official Bulgarian distributor for Brow Henna and Elleebana Lash Lift, we also have our own label of lashes, tools and glues. We exhibited in the biggest beauty expo in Bulgaria in October, we are training internationally - sometimes it’s a lot of flying around the world but I like exploring new countries, so I am actually really enjoying it.

In your opinion, how often should lash technicians be trained?
I would recommend at least once a year, if you want to keep up with the evolving trends and techniques, every six  months would be ideal.

What would you say to a salon owner who is thinking of adding lash extensions to their service offering?
I would say – that’s a must... lash extensions are so popular there wouldn’t be any reason not to.

Please give some details on the russian volume and henna brows that you will be training the tips & toes team on?
I really enjoyed the two training sessions for Russian Volume Lashes and Henna Brows with Tips  & Toes and I would like to thank Izanne Fagan, who took such good care of me and made me feel very welcome in the Tips & Toes academy. After the training, I am happy to announce that Tips & Toes therapists are offering some of the best treatments in the field for Russian Volume lashes and Brow Tinting with henna. I absolutely recommend that everyone should try the treatments out for themselves.

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