Career Path: Zein Assi

The stylist currently based at Beauty Spot Salon takes us through the opportunities and challenges of his career so far


Zein Assi.
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I was born in Syria, I began hairdressing in Syria and worked in Beirut. My passion for the industry grew and I started to look for opportunities that would excel my creativity. I lived in Paris and then moved to Dubai 2002 and haven’t moved since. My profession grew in Dubai and Paris, I studied and worked with new techniques, learning from the best, such as Alexandra Zorie and Carita.

Big Break

Paris was the biggest development in my career, where I truly became an artist of my work. I developed a lot of skills and ambition, meeting lots of different people too.


 I have learned from so many people, but looking at role models, Tom Ford is a big inspiration for me. He is different to anyone else in his style, products and approach. He created his brand with his personality and it really shines through.


I have been lucky in my career to not have so many difficult challenges, however when my father passed away, it affected my work as I create looks and work with passion and personality. After a while it inspired me to be better. I became a stronger person and my work became stronger too.


I been fortunate enough to work with many celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Catherine Deneuve and Gianna Angelopoulus. It is a very big compliment to have such people as clients while they are visiting Dubai.

Best Advice

Listen to your client, how she wants to look, what kind of look she wants to achieve and how it fits in with her lifestyle. Don’t be ordinary, be honest with your client and finally, follow trends but at the same time follow the style of your client.

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