Five Minutes with… Dr. Michael Apa

We catch up with the founder of Apa Aesthetic and Apa Beauty


Dr. Michael Apa.

Have you always been interested in dentistry?

I always had a desire from a young age to be a dentist. When I was in college I wanted to focus on the cosmetic part of dentistry.  I found the guy I wanted to mentor me and chased after him.  He hired me directly from dental school and the rest is history. I’ve been practicing for 16 years.

Describe your approach to aesthetic dentistry?

I take a unique approach to making over or rehabilitating my patients’ smiles. My goal is to enhance, not change the way someone looks with teeth that look like their own. My patients come to me because of what we have created in dentistry and our 3600 approach to this. We start from the macro elements, get into the elements of the smile and look at the micro elements in terms of the type of restoration needed. We also look at colour and texture based on skin hair and eyes and design of the individual teeth. Based on all of this, I start the design process in temporaries which I hand sculpt all the elements I see needed to achieve overall balance and facial harmony. My passion is to create perfectly natural smiles that fit the face and enhance the appearance. My work is very similar to a designer, I look at every patient with fresh eyes and think not only what they should look like, but also what their teeth should say about them.

Does your role require more artistry or technical ability?

I would say that it requires a perfect marriage of both.

Why did you decide to open a practice here in Dubai?

I opened my first international clinic in Dubai, after being frequently flown over to work for years on the mouths of high-profile clients and royalty. I felt there was a big gap in the dental-care system here, so the main reason for me opening Apa Aesthetic was to try and give people standardised dental care, a place where people could feel comfortable without having to go to London or New York to see their doctor. I’ve been very strict about not becoming a general dental office. However, if we’ve done someone’s case and they need additional work in the future, for instance, a crown, then they are our patient. But we’re not promoting the practice that way.

Are certain procedures becoming more popular in this region?

All things beauty are becoming more popular due to certain platforms like Instagram and Facebook. People are hyper aware of the way they look, not to mention them constantly being judged or judging themselves, which has led to an increased demand in all aesthetic procedures.

What inspired you to launch the Apa Beauty product range?

The idea for creating the line came from seeing what and how oral care is currently offered.  Quite frankly it’s not very exciting, not luxurious and makes the user feel inclined to use toothpaste rather than excited. I modelled the line after how my offices in NYC and Dubai are. People are excited to see us, excited to take care of their smiles. I wanted everyone to feel that way about taking care of their teeth.

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