Comment: Influencing the Beauty Industry

Lara Geadah on how influencers use social media to create business opportunities


Lara Geadah.

Having been widely present in the beauty industry as a digital influencer and even worked professionally with beauty brands on social, I can safely say social media has become integral to any beauty brand’s marketing strategy. Social media is changing the beauty industry in many ways today.

For starters, the demand for ‘real’ representations of beauty is catalysing communities to drive movements online all around the world on social media. Today, people want to see the aspirational, the imperfect and more so share an appreciation for raw honesty. Platforms that celebrate the latter are getting traction and influencing the beauty industry to celebrate the same.

Now, beauty brands communicate empowerment and appeal to our emotions more. Beauty is no longer only about how you look, but also how you feel – and influencers preaching this school of thought on social have been integral to that movement.

For example, I am a strong advocate of this school of thought and that clearly comes off on my Instagram handle @larashappywork and website as I celebrate self-care every day and communicate how important it is for your wellbeing to look and feel good. In my opinion, beauty is about loving yourself.

As an influencer, I understand that Instagram is a place for me to celebrate my achievements and communicate directly with my fans. It’s also very clear to me that influencers are redefining the rules with beauty. Some beauty influencers are artists who have been so dedicated to creating that they became a part of the beauty conversation, as Facebook even explains in one of its’ recent reports on the beauty industry. The great thing is that beauty is no longer defined by the standards that fit traditional models. Now people want brands to tell stories and have a bit more dimension in their approach to branding. It’s not just about posting beauty, it’s really about registering the human connection.

Most importantly, beauty bloggers drastically influence our purchase decisions. I personally used to ask my mom for guidance on beauty in the past. But with so many credible beauty influencers online, I can turn to them and other beauty influencers within my community for guidance and I’m sure they feel the same way towards me. That being said, people now find reassurance and validation for their beauty decisions within these platforms.

Finally, messaging gains more importance today. Users today reach out to brands for recommendations via direct message, whether it’s on Facebook or Instagram. I personally get enquiries on the latter every other day on the beauty brand handles I manage.

Crucially, messaging is creating momentous opportunities for businesses of all types and sizes to sell, engage and accomplish other objectives.

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