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Soraya Jouzy shares her thoughts on cryotherapy


SORAYA JOUZY is the CEO and beauty wellness ambassador for Pearl Tree Beauty Distribution.

Over the past two years we have witnessed a trend in spas, clinics and retailers making a greater investment in products and treatments which offer chryotherapeutic treatments including cryo chambers, cryo machines, cryo facials or products such as eye and face ice cubes and cryo balls for the legs.

But what makes cryotherapy so attractive to beauty and wellness experts and consumers alike? Many attribute its success to the fact that it compliments a 360° wellbeing lifestyle alongside complementing an optimum diet, medical treatment and sports activities. Quite simply, cryotherapy supercharges our brains. Exposure to the extreme cold used during cryotherapy induces the primal ‘flight or fight’ response, kick-starting a cocktail of hormones being pumped around the body with endorphins released and adrenaline boosted.  Used across the entire body, it encourages blood flow and can help in the treatment of injuries. Used more locally, in treatments such as facials, the skin is refreshed, dullness banished and the appearance soothed.

Cryotherapy is especially beneficial for those of us living here in the Middle East. It is great for this region where our skin suffers from heat swelling and jet lag. Cryotherapy allows us to be rejuvenated and feel fresh.

An Anne Sémonin company representative explained that the brand was the only one producing retail items hat make it possible for consumers to enjoy spa quality products in the comfort of their homes. These products are known to accelerate the draining of toxins and damaged cells from the skin, as well as creating a double mechanism: vasoconstriction, the constriction of blood vessels, which is followed by a vasodilatation, the relaxing of the blood vessels. It is the vasodilatation which allows products to penetrate into the skin more easily which helps to smooth, refresh and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Cryotherapy treatments stimulate the release of B-endorphins, which flood the body with a total sense of well-being.

So how do we achieve the benefits of cryotherapy? I recommend the Anne Sémonin Cryotherapy time freeze face treatment which is a skin brightening experience that uses the age defying effects of cryotherapy with Super Active Serum to reinforce the skins firmness at a cellular level. Complemented by a neutracosmetic containing wild indigo this stimulates the release of B-endorphins, flooding the body with a total sense of well-being.

To get the results at home try the Anne Sémonin Express Radiance Ice Cubes are a perfect remedy for tired skin seeking an instantly glowing complexion. Formulated using marine spring water, extracts of evening primrose oil, wild indigo and red micro-algae, these individual cubes are designed to be stored in the freezer and used when skin needs an extra boost.

Cryotherapy is a result-driven treatment and a growing trend that isn’t going anywhere. 

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