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Middle East Beauty speaks with the Wellness director at Rixos The Palm about her profession


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I grew up in India, where I completed my Bachelors of Science and studied advertising, along with further studies in film direction from the UK and Los Angeles. The Wellness space was a long journey, which saw me travelling to many countries including China, Hong-Kong, Thailand, Africa and the US, including remote areas in India, where I studied various modalities and philosophies and amassed rich experience.

Big Break

My big break was coming to Dubai and being able to successfully run three businesses in different industries, including my foray into the wellness space - which was my soul’s true purpose. My continuous pursuit and study in the wellness and energy modalities for the past 20 years, has found its true outcome when I started consulting at Rixos the Palm Dubai Hotel & Suites.


My first mentor was Bob Proctor, who is my greatest inspiration till date in the personal development niche. He encouraged and inspired me to touch lives.


My biggest obstacle was managing time, as I tend to overwork - even though I was extremely disciplined. In the wellness space I have developed many innovative concepts, which could help people in this new age of highly stressful and digitally addicted lifestyles. The challenge was that very few understood how it worked, unless they experienced the sessions personally. Now I have developed certain sound frequencies which can heal and create shifts in one’s emotional well-being, but can be done in groups.


With utmost gratitude and humility, a memorable moment for me is when someone comes and tells me that I have changed their lives or at least made a difference in a small way.

Best Advice

In a space of wellness, to make a mark I think it’s best when you walk the talk and be an example of what you advocate. If I am providing happiness and wellbeing solutions and techniques, I need to live in that space so people feel the same when they are around me. Secondly, always back up the desired results with scientific validation or proof of whatever you do, so it is easy for people to be clear of what shifted in them, even in terms of mind and body.

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