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Saskia Evraert.
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The German-born complex EAM at Le Méridien Dubai Hotel and Le Méridien Fairway takes us through her careers highs and lows so far


Grew up in Germany and did my apprenticeship as “Hotel Specialist” in Sheraton Frankfurt. After completion of my training, I worked in the Front Office in the same hotel. One thing was very clear to me right from the start of my career: I am a rooms and spa lover – not a foodie! I worked at the Sheraton Creek as director of guest services for five years before moving to Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre as the director of rooms for a property set on 38 acres of landscape. I was then promoted to complex executive assistant manager (EAM) overlooking the spa and fitness facilities as well as 580 rooms.

Big Break

It was a major one when I moved to Dubai knowing I’d be thrown into a role with huge responsibility in this vibrant and dynamic city.  Starting in 2017 when I was in charge of room operations and then growing to be the complex EAM in charge of 580 rooms, nine spa treatment rooms and an over 800 sqm fitness centre was a huge opportunity that Dubai offered me. In Germany I might not have had this opportunity within this time period.  This was big break but I have learned a lot throughout my eight years in Dubai.


I have been fortune enough to work with some really inspiring individuals and mentors.  One person who really inspired me and had a great impact on me was Heinz Grub, area GM for Marriott based in Sheraton Creek at the time. Heinz has been very instrumental in my career. From him I have learned how to keep moving, how important innovation is and how to follow through on ideas you have, no matter how impossible you think they are. Take a step back, review and keep moving again! That was his motto.


Rome wasn’t built in a day! Things take time to develop and mature, however, in a city like Dubai this is challenging! Everything moves fast and you need to be ready, otherwise, you are off the competition. That is the biggest challenge for a person in my position heading a huge number of 430 associates in different business sectors from spa to fitness and rooms.


I am determined, energetic and all about commitment, which is clearly reflected on my team. Each development of an individual working with me is an achievement for me. Being a part of someone’s journey as a mentor is simply one of my proudest accomplishments. The gratitude you receive is worth something that money can’t buy. A number of my team members have been promoted and have grown in their professions within my leadership timeline. This is certainly the best highlight of my career.

Best Advice

Be yourself, be bold and be committed. Be different and make a difference. Be the best version of yourself! You need dedication, focus and above all, consistency.

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