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This new app delivers beauty services at the touch of a button


Instaglam founder, Haifa Addas brings luxury marketing experience from some of the most well-known global brands such as L’Oréal, Lancôme, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Helena Rubinstein.

Combining convenience and expertise, the new Instaglam Beauty iOs mobile app enables customers to choose from a variety of skilled professionals anywhere in the UAE.

Instaglam provides a platform that users (including brides) can trust. Each makeup artist and hair stylist has their portfolio on the platform. Instaglam offers cashless transactions, enabling users to pay through their credit or debit card. With just a few clicks, customers can choose from a variety of services such as hair styling, manicure/pedicure, nail art or full makeup for a special.

Instaglam founder, Haifa Addas brings luxury marketing experience from some of the most well-known global brands such as L’Oréal, Lancôme, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani and Helena Rubinstein. We spoke to her to find out more about the new service:

Why did you decide to launch Instaglam?

It feels as though as I was preparing myself for Instaglam for a long time before the idea finally came to me. I was always giving friends makeovers, recommending beauty salons, hairdressers and makeup artists, and helping them book appointments in different places around the world. I was always exposed to a wide range of cultures, and through those experiences I discovered that the demand for beauty is universal, and that the desire to look good and feel good about oneself is essential for everyone. Therefore should be easy to access.

Unlike restaurants where you can easily find ratings and reviews on multiple interfaces and sites, there was no consolidated platform to find, source and book beauty professionals, comparing their portfolios and price lists. That was when I realised there is a need in the market (here and internationally) for a way to connect beauty providers with customers looking for glamour services to come to them with a tap of a smartphone. Based on this and knowing what I know about the beauty industry from both the supply and demand sides, I decided to launch Instaglam.

What sets this app apart from others?

Our beauty app is catered towards women looking to book services straight to their home, office or hotel at a time that is convenient for them, without the conventional hassles. We see ourselves as the go-to beauty experts in a large and many ways fragmented industry, and offer more than just online services. From corporate or personal events, to workshops and trainings with major beauty brands, and even a full suite of services catered towards the hospitality and corporate sectors. The professionals we work with dedicate their time to find exactly what works for our customers, whatever their needs may be.

On our app we try and personalise our services to the extent that we can identify likes and dislikes through system generated pattern behaviour. We also understand that the majority of today’s customers prefer convenience through online systems. A balance of those two pillars is something we work on daily.

We believe that in the Middle East we are one of the pioneers in the beauty-on-demand industry, with beauty professionals that have the experience required to cater for our customers. There are a few concepts starting to emerge, and the market remains in its infancy. Competition is a good thing, it’s proof of a great concept and market demand. Ultimately, what makes you stand out is your perseverance and your ability to grow and be flexible in how you steer the ship. This is actually very exciting and motivating for an entrepreneur and is what keeps me going.

How do you select the beauty professionals that are on the App?

We select beauty professionals that we have worked with previously, those who come recommended to us or those reach out through our vetting process.

What is your vetting process for a professional who wants to be listed on Instaglam?

Our process is quite automated at the initial stages where a professional can download our mobile app and register. Once that is done, key requirements around the operational, legal and services (scheduling, services, portfolio etc) areas will need to be filled out by the professional. The applicant can contact our team, and even meet us to help with the application process, we also meet at the latter stages to review all of the information and interview the applicant. Once their profile is reviewed, background checked and adjustments made based on feedback, a decision to approve the professional is made and they are then invited for the onboarding process.

Are you planning to add any new services or features?

In terms of features, we are in the process of adding several features based on feedback from our users, both customers and professionals.

Part of our growth is incumbent on the addition of services our customers needs. We launched our app with a focus on hair, makeup and nails for women, in addition to special events. At this stage, our team is working on understanding the key services that our customers need, while identifying the right providers for these services. We aim to launch a few more services for women in 2019, while also exploring men’s grooming which is an often repeated request.


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