Pollution Protection

The need for anti-pollution skin care is ever increasing, leading brands like Natura Bissé to develop products that target environmental stress on the skin


Pollution Protection

According to the united nations, air pollution is the single greatest environmental threat to health in the world. Every year, 6.5 million people die from exposure to indoor and outdoor air pollution, and nine out of 10 people breathe contaminated air that exceeds the acceptable levels set by the world health organisation guidelines.

Blue light, also known as high-energy visible light (HEV), forms part of the light spectrum visible to the human eye and comes mainly from the sun, though it only represents 25-30% of its total radiation. However, we are increasingly exposed to the blue light emitted by artifi cial sources, mainly television, computer, mobile and tablet screens. This light penetrates the skin, where it increases the production of free radicals, accelerating both cutaneous aging and the appearance of dark spots, wrinkles and expression lines.

Finally, the risks of solar radiation have been well-documented for decades however, particularly in this region, heat and other extreme conditions such as humidity, dryness or wind aggravate the damage to skin caused by diff erent types of pollution.

Our bodies experience signifi cant oxidative stress both internally and externally. Air pollution, blue light, gases and solar radiation are producers of free radicals in the skin. These are unstable molecules which affect cutaneous cells. 

If the skin is exposed to excessive oxidation, the body’s biological defence mechanisms are unable to neutralise all of the free radicals, which leads to the deterioration of the skin cells, which then cease to function properly.

This can also result in the weakening of fibres in the dermal matrix (collagen and elastin), an increase in melanin synthesis, the activation of pro-inflammatory processes, lower cell oxygenation, direct damage to DNA or the peroxidation of the skin’s lipids.

With all of this in mind, family-run luxury skin care Natura Bissé has created the Diamond Cocoon Collection. A line comprising a cutting-edge facial, Diamond Cocoon Experience and six retail products which are based in three pillars - fortifiying the skin against environmental damage, shielding against multiple pollutants and liberating the skin from impurities. We spoke to Natura Bissé VP and innovations director Patricia Fisas, to find out more:

What prompted you to create a pollution protection range?

Today’s lifestyle comes with a new concern: modern pollution, consisting of UV radiation, pollution, blue light from digital devices. Its eff ects are not confined to major cities and include various harmful aspects for our skin and health, for this reason Natura Bissé created Diamond Cocoon, its fi rst prebiotic pollution-protection treatment.

How long did the range take to develop from initial research to product launch?

We have been working on Diamond Cocoon for more than three years, it’s a complete range that was born out of intense research and is capable of protecting skin against modern pollution. We foresee a future where we understand the need to protect skin from pollution as an everyday need.

Does the diamond cocoon range contain any unusual or cutting edge ingredients?

Diamond Cocoon contains a combination of unique and eff ective active ingredients, like intensive prebiotic complexes or ingredients that are capable of capturing and blocking pollution particles. This collection strengthens the skin to protect what’s inside and reactivate its natural ability to defend itself from external attacks, specifi cally pollution and environmental damage.

Do you think consumers in the middle east generally exposed to more pollution?

Factors like sun radiation and sand storms, have an impact. High temperatures intensify the toxicity of most environmental pollutants and facilitate the formation of secondary pollutants like the tropospheric ozone. In addition, when weather conditions are harsh, indoor life is more prevalent, which make people more exposed to indoor pollution.

How has the response to the range been so far?

The response has been amazing! We believe that because is something that is directly related with our modern lifestyle, which is wonderfully exciting and fast-paced but we’re surrounded by an invisible world of toxic pollution that has a very negative impact on our skin.

For more information, visit naturabisse.com.

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