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Jordan-based Blank Beauty provides fuss-free and functional and multi-tasking products


Blank Beauty provides fuss-free and functional and multi-tasking products .

We catch up with Tina Mansour, founder of Blank Beauty, to talk about USPs, market penetration and a product new launch:

When was Blank Beauty founded?
I’m a beauty enthusiast. Just over a year ago, I decided to launch Blank Beauty after leaving my job as an architect to pursue my long time plans of starting my own skin care and wellbeing brand. After years of planning, research and market observation, I focused on one goal for Blank Beauty - to provide clean and functional products that cater to the modern women of today.
Women deserve to feel beautiful and confident with their own bare [blank] skin, and this is what we aim to provide.

Tina Mansour

What would you say is your brands unique selling point?
Blank Beauty products are made to substitute three other products on your skin care shelf, designed for today’s busy woman who’s looking for quick solutions to achieve great, dewy skin that is vegan, cruelty free, paraben free and full of skin loving nutrients that’s proven to show quick results, targeting all skin types. We believe an effective skincare routine can be simple and fast, we want to fit the needs of women who wants to look and feel great but doesn’t have the extra time for a 10 step skincare routine (or maybe guilty of being a bit little lazy), this is why we focus on multipurpose products - which can also mean money to spend on makeup. However, my main priority is that our products that deliver what is promised. Were all about seeing results!

Do you have any new launches coming up?
Blank beauty is constantly working on new skincare product launches, it never stops! We’ve been working on a new skincare formula that will launch within the next few months, stay tuned!

Where are blank beauty currently stocked?
Blank Beauty products are currently sold online and ship internationally through our website blankandbeauty.com. We’ve also started expanding in retail at select beauty stores such as Wojooh / Faces in Amman, Jordan with plans to expand soon in the GCC area.

Tell us more about your first product, why has it been so successful?
Our 100% natural and organic Rosehip Oil has been receiving great feedback from customers both locally and internationally, it’s also great to see how customers use the oil in different ways, as it is a multipurpose 3-in-1 product, it’s super hydrating, anti-aging and a treatment dry oil, that blends seamlessly with makeup and doesn’t leave a greasy finish, but a glowing complexion. It’s also suitable for all skin types. It’s such an easy and effective product that is perfect for the busy women on the go who want to have great skin, effortlessly. As for our second product, we recognise that by keeping our bodies hydrated, we build the basis for flawless skin, our Blank x Canvas Crystal Infused Water Bottle in rose quartz encourages daily water intake while bringing positive crystal vibes.

Blank Beauty

Why do you think your range would appeal to the Middle East market?
Women are now focused on perfecting their skin, rather than covering up, especially Middle Eastern beauties, who are constantly looking for products that can help achieve the “glass skin” effect and perfecting dewy makeup looks. Years ago, it was quite the opposite, we’ve seen endless videos of extreme contour and heavy cover up tutorials, now women have become more aware of the fact that the better your skin is, the better your makeup is going to lay. They are also more educated about which products are suitable for their skin types, always reading the labels and looking for words like organic, cruelty free and paraben free etc. It’s definitely the new trend.

For more information call +962 7999 145 78, email: hello@blankandbeauty.com or visit www.blankandbeauty.com

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