In Coversation With: Mo Constantine

We catch up with the creator of the Bath Bomb


In Coversation With: Mo Constantine

Lush recently celebrated its 30th anniversary of curating their own bath bomb ranges with 54 new fizzers. The co-founder of these bath bombs, Mo Constantine, wanted to turn an ordinary bath into something luxurious without irritating delicate skin. She created products using citric acid, sodium bicarb and blend of essential oils and fresh ingredients that softened water. Here, Constantine speaks exclusively to Middle East Beauty about the invention that she worked on for Lush and what inspired her to make them. 

  • What inspired you to create the bath bomb?

Thirty years ago it was all about “smellies” like bath cubes and little soaps – the kind of present you would buy for your Mum and your Auntie on their birthday. They would come wrapped up in a nice gift box, and it just seemed to me like at that time that’s all there was on offer for women of a certain age. I remember thinking to myself that it wasn't that exciting.

I’d had the idea for a while that I wanted, and needed, something more interesting to put in my bath other than what was available to me on the high street, so I spent quite a bit of time thinking about what that could possibly be.

  • How have they evolved since they were created?

Everything has always just naturally evolved over time. At the very beginning, I was looking for a product to elevate bath time without irritating sensitive skin and inspiration came in the unlikely form of a fizzing antacid pill, Alka Seltzer. The first bath bombs were pressed into that same shape and infused with calming French Lavender.

We began to explore infusing different oils and moisturising butters and oils, such as olive oil and cocoa butter, to bring different benefits to the bath. We evolved them further again when we removed the packaging altogether and started adding things like glitter and coloured sea salt to catch the bathers’ eye before it had even gone into the water.

When my son Jack started to get involved in inventing bath bombs, he began to add multi-layered colours and developed jelly-forming creations.

In 2018 we opened the first ever bath bomb concept store in Harajuku, Japan which is a two floor shoppable gallery of bath bombs using artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

  • Sustainability is a trend now but it was a concern for you decades ago

We have always been concerned about our environmental impact. When we started Lush the decision was made to strip back the packaging that enveloped the bath bombs. There was only one course to take, and that was to make the bath bombs more beautiful and naked.

  • What has been your proudest moment?

Without doubt my proudest moment is the OBE honour Mark and I received in 2011 from Her Majesty The Queen in recognition of contribution to the Beauty industry. An honour we shared with all our staff.

  • Are there any innovations you're currently working on?

For the past year my focus has been on bath bombs with my son Jack resulting in the Harajuku concept shop selling only bath bombs in Japan. Similarly, we have opened three Naked concept stores in Europe which sell only unpackaged product. We opened our largest store in the world so far in Liverpool in the UK. In addition, our first Fresh concept shop will open in Paris later this year.

  • Do you have a favourite bath bomb?

After 30 years we have created so many bath bombs but my go to bath choice is Big Blue. Oodles of Japanese seaweed, sea salt and a beautiful relaxing fragrance all in a fantastic ocean blue mix of water softening bicarbonate of soda. You can actually feel the seaweed gel in your water.

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