The Beauty Oasis Spa Introduces Face Yoga Facial

The spa claims that the GlowInFace treatment is a first of its kind in the UAE


Face Yoga is now available at the spa.

Health and wellness facility, The Beauty Oasis Spa has welcomed GlowInFace to its service offering. The face yoga facial is set to make its debut in the region.

Founded by Karin Velikonja, the treatment is a face yoga technique for toning and sculpting the muscles in order to prevent the facial muscles from weakening, sagging and losing volume over time. The treatment also promises to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, double chin and dark circles.

Based on Chinese medicine and face mapping, wrinkles, acne and discoloration have a deeper meaning as it is believed that every part of the face is connected to a particular organ in the body. Wrinkles in between the eyebrows equate to overactive liver energy that needs to be balanced, dark circles show weak kidney energy. This facial yoga technique is a natural non-invasive treatment for toning and sculpting the facial muscles and works by balancing the meridians and internal health. The treatment helps to improve blood circulation, stimulate collagen production and elasticity.

The 45-75 minute long procedure is guided by trained therapists at The Beauty Oasis Spa, who stimulate the facial muscles and acupressure points to balance the meridians. Every exercise in the treatment targets a different facial muscle thereby creating volume and achieving a ‘natural facelift’. The workout is a followed by a mask and serum application to cool down the muscles.

A series of 5-10 weekly treatments are recommended for long-lasting results followed by continual practise at home.

For bookings and more information, please visit or call 06-7466677.

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