Guerlain Spa Offers New Hammam Inspired Treatment

The spa has introduced a Desert D'orient Ritual


Guerlain Spa

Now available at Guerlain Spa the Desert D’orient Ritual comprises an Arabian cleansing treatment, featuring a therapeutic bubble bath followed by a body scrub, on a warmed marble slab in a private scrub chamber, a body wrap and a private steam session, a full body massage and a personalised facial.

The only Guerlain spa in the UAE features a couples’ suite complete with hammam facilities, a double scrub room and a shower, a private steam room, two separate soaking baths and a private lounge area. The spa menu also features Guerlain Super Active Facials. Three treatments starting with an in-depth skin analysis using a Woods lamp to identify skin conditions not visible to the naked eye. The facials are performed by hand-selected therapists with products scientifically proven to treat specific ailments or allergies and they deliver immediate results.

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