Benefit Cosmetics Launches In-house Influencer Agency

The UK division of Benefit Cosmetics has launched an in-house influencer agency to streamline its marketing operations


Benefit Cosmetics

The UK division of Benefits Cosmetics has opened an in-house influencer agency, which debuted this month. Its main purpose is to track the brand’s budget and ensure it is seeing ROI, along with finding new influencers and managing relationships. Considering the scope of Benefit’s influencer marketing efforts, which range from gifting to global trips, the creation of an in-house agency will allow the brand to have more control of its operations.

Speaking about the launch of the influencer agency, Benefit Cosmetics senior publicist and influencer manager Annie Harrison said: “Influencers have become a central part of our marketing strategy, and they are such a huge focus for us in how our communication is evolving. As the importance of influencer marketing has grown, we’ve had to remain a relevant player in the conversation and create a hub that reflects that importance to the business.”

According to Harrison, the in-house agency will also seek to support the brand’s eyebrow products. Sales conversion from Instagram to e-commerce for the brow products’ category increased 23% between 2017 and 2018, due in part to its influencer marketing.

Worldwide, Benefit Cosmetics brand has thrown weight behind digital marketing in various ways. The brand hosted an influencer incubation programme dubbed “Camp Benefit", partnered with influencers such as Huda Kattan and also participated in parent company LVMH’s social and digital story-telling initiative called “Les Journées Particulières”.

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