Dr. Jart’s Rubber Masks Bring Home Aesthetic Care to Region

The line includes three rubber masks aiming to moisturise, revitalise and improve elasticity


Dr. Jart Rubber Mask

Dr. Jart’s line of two-step rubber masks stimulate the delivery of actives while providing a cooling effect for a healthy looking complexion. The line offers the Moist Lover mask for moisture retention and elasticity, the Firming Lover mask for skin radiance and the Bright Lover mask to eliminate dullness.

The two-step system consists of an ampoule pack that should be massaged onto the skin before placing the rubber sheet mask on top. Each mask contains a different type of seaweed with properties that are beneficial for the skin. For example, the Moist Lover mask is made with green seaweed and its ampoule contains phyto keratin complex to support natural collagen synthesis.

Dr.Jart, a compound word derived from “Doctors Joins Art”, was created in 2005 based on the research results and cooperation of 18 dermatologists. Currently available in 34 countries, including the US, France, Spain, Italy, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Australia, Dr.Jart has been growing as a global professional cosmetic brand.

Dr. Jart’s rubber masks are available at Sephora Middle East and online at www.sephora.ae.

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