Miriam Quevedo Introduces Anti-aging Haircare to the Region

Award-winning haircare brand Miriam Quevedo brings her innovative line to the UAE


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Miriam Quevedo, a forerunner in anti-aging haircare, is now available in the UAE. The advanced 360° haircare solution is split into five collections, each targets individuals’ specific concerns and problems.

The Anti-aging line comprises Extreme Caviar for intensive anti-aging care, Sublime Gold as a luxe treatment, Platinum & Diamonds which restores volume, Glacial White Caviar for hydration and protection, and Glacial White Caviar Resort provides a treatment for damaged hair and protection from harsh environmental conditions.

Believing that the natural aging process or environmental conditions affect the hair and scalp in the same way they affect the skin, Miriam Quevedo uses identical active ingredients and technologies as its skincare range.

Following her passion for combining natural ingredients with scientific innovation, Miriam Quevedo and her husband, the owner of a cosmetics laboratory with over 35 years’ experience manufacturing cosmetics, established the brand in 2005.

The range is available in Harvey Nichols, Bloomingdales Middle East, Ounass and The Hair Lab.


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