Neutrogena Launches Personalised Face Masks at CES 2019

The brand is going to demonstrate its latest innovation at the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which will be held from 8TH till 11TH of January 2019 in Las Vegas


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Skin care brand, Neutrogena will unveil its MaskiD application that allows users to get fully customised 3D-printed face masks by giving accurate facial measurements, and skin care needs assessments via the TrueDepth camera on iPhone X, XS, and XR.
The facial masks will be divided into six different zones, while the brand offers five ingredients that include vitamins C & B3, feverfew, purified hyaluronic acid and stabilised glucosamine.
Speaking to, Michael Southall, Research Director and Global Lead of Beauty Tech at Neutrogena, noted: “The key with 3D printing is [that] we can put the active [ingredient] you want just where you need it, anywhere on the mask, as opposed to one product that you’re trying to use all over the face,”
Last year, at CES 2018, Neutrogena presented its “Skin360” and “SkinScanner” iPhone accessory that scans the user’s skin offers relevant skin care advice.

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