Golden Scent Launches AR Beauty Feature

The e-commerce platform offers perfumes, cosmetics, skin care and hair products


Makeup, Skin Care, Beauty industry, Technology, E-commerce

Golden Scent is the first platform in the Middle East to launch an augmented reality (AR) feature on its Android and iPhone app. Branded as “Virtual Try-On”, the feature enables shoppers to try on makeup without the need to visit a retail store.

The app offers the opportunity to experiment with hundreds of colours and products within seconds, unlike the extended shopping journey most customers face in stores.

While similar innovations are being adopted across many industries, the company is taking the lead in the integration between technology and cosmetics, while growing its wide catalogue of beauty products.

Users of the app can now rely on the smart feature to test products from their own homes before purchasing them from the online store.

Speaking about the launch, Golden Scent CEO and founder Malik Al Shehab said: "We are thrilled to introduce the Virtual Try-On feature within our Golden Scent app and we are confident that the beauty customer will enjoy, engage and appreciate a more immersive experience."

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