10 Things You Didn't Know About Bath Bombs

Here are 10 lesser-known facts about Lush bath bombs, from the idea behind their scents, to in-factory production


Lush Bath Bombs: 30 Years in the Making.

Lush celebrates its 30th anniversary of developing the bath bomb with 54 new creations for customers to choose from. Read on to find out some unknown information about them below:

1. Bath bombs were originally developed as a substitute for bubble baths for people with sensitive skin by founder of Lush, Mo Constantine, in 1989.

2. Mo Constantine's son Jack, digital director and product inventor, created the multi-layered bath bombs which appear to be one colour on the outside, but dissolve into another when dropped into water.

3. The fragrance philosophy behind each bath bomb is different and they are intended to convey a particular meaning and emotion.

4. It is an acid-base reaction of citric acid and bicarbonate soda that causes the 'fizzing' motion of the bath bomb.

5. Lush uses a secret formula that creates a layer of foam on top of the bath water, allowing all the colours of the bath to make an artistic display.

6. Every year, limited edition bath bombs are made each holiday season.

7. 'Blackberry' was one of the first bath bombs made by Lush and is still produced today.

8. All bath bombs are produced by hand, without plastic packaging and are vegetarian.

9. The glitters used in some of them are plastic free and made from completely natural sources, like seaweed.

10. Lush factories have individual 'glitter rooms' for specific bath bombs to avoid getting the sparkly ingredient on to other ones.

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