CosmeSurge Launches a Solution for Sensitive Skin

The GeneO+ facial is now available at the aesthetics clinic


CosmeSurge has introduced a solution called GeneO+ for those with sensitive skin.

CosmeSurge has introduced a solution called GeneO+ specifically for those with sensitive skin. A super facial, the solution can be used to exfoliate, infuse and oxygenate the skin all at once.

Using a Capsugen tablet, GeneO+ exfoliates the surface of the skin helping get rid of all the dead cells while activating all the nutrients beneath the skin. It infuses the skin with ingredients such as NeoRevive and NeoBright that further rejuvenate and brighten the skin. In addition, its active ingredients improve the texture and oxygenates the skin causing optimal absorption of the infused ingredients.

Besides exfoliation, the solution combines microdermabrasion, contouring and tightening in one procedure. GeneO+ provides superior infusion by incorporating an ultrasound treatment in the facial protocol and helps increase the circulation of blood and cellular metabolism, thereby increasing the permeability of the skin and pushing the active ingredients deep into the skin for enhanced results.

With two specialised formulas for treating diff erent skin conditions, GeneO+ reduces pigmentation, inhibits the production of melanin, decreases wrinkles, repairs damaged skin and increases healthy skin cell production. It also reduces the puffi ness of the skin and ensures that enlarged pores are tightened.

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