Dubai Municipality Intensifies Beauty Businesses Inspections

The move is part of Dubai Municipality’s continuous efforts to ensure the public health and safety in the Emirate of Dubai


Dr. Naseem Mohammed Rafie, acting director of Dubai Municipality’s Health and Safety Department.

Dr. Naseem Mohammed Rafie, acting director of Health and Safety Department, said that the comprehensive control system for salons and beauty centres includes the fulfillment of all requirements and standards approved by the Municipality in accordance with the best international practices. These include ensuring that hygienic practices are followed by service providers, and all tools are hygienic and sterilised adequately enough to avoid disease transmission among customers.

Businesses must also ensure that all consumer products that are used while offering services are compliant to the specifications and are registered with the “Montaji” App and that these products are prepared and used in a safe manner while serving customers, in addition to ensuring the availability of qualify ed and specialised staff and hygienic, trained and qualified supervisors.

They must also ensure all workers in the salons possess valid occupational health cards. She added said that the inspection is focused on high-risk violations such as hygiene and personal cleanliness of employees and the commitment to the steps provided for cleaning and sterilisation and the use of disposable tools as healthy alternatives to customers.

Rafie said that the Municipality has banned the mixing of products and chemicals, and if these practices are caught, the salon’s activity will be stopped. Rafie added that the Municipality organises awareness campaigns for salons and beauty centres for the use of disposable instruments in order to reduce the transmission of infectious epidemic diseases among customers and employees, in addition to raising awareness about the necessity of using materials and cosmetics approved by Dubai Municipality.

She explained that Dubai Municipality has set several conditions for women’s and men’s salons, including the cleanliness of equipment and tools which are a major source for spreading disease. Great care must be taken to clean them to protect the health of customers and it is necessary to follow hygiene and safety guidelines.

“The Municipality has launched the Montaji App containing product characteristics that indicate the permitted and non-permitted ingredients for use in any product,” said Rafie.

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