New Beauty Service App to Launch in the UAE

JEEM lets you enjoy various beauty services in the comfort of your own home


New Beauty Service App to Launch in the UAE

Expected to launch post-Eid this year, JEEM brings to the UAE a selection of beauty services and activities through its app platform.

Emirati beauty enthusiasts, Shaima Amiri and Maryam Abdulaziz, have created the app for customers to benefit from salon services from the comfort of your own home. The app features an array of beauty service providers who will offer services ranging from manicures and pedicures, to facials and skincare treatments, to makeup packages, administered by licensed beauty technicians from UAE salons, beauticians and makeup artists. The app was conceptualized in early 2018 as a solution to long waiting times at salons, busy bookings and a considerable lack of privacy when in salons.

JEEM’s co-founder, Amiri said: “We conceptualized JEEM as the answer to our question of comfort, our privacy and most importantly, our need for some quality TLC and salon time without the wait time or dealing with unavailable time slots. We realised that many women, especially within our community of Emiratis, were facing the same dilemma. This encouraged us to research and develop JEEM with the simple objective of providing convenience through a user-friendly medium. We also wanted to offer customers options when it came to choosing their beautician or makeup artist by showcasing the service provider's work in form of images on the app, prompting an informed decision.”

The app’s communications and PR administrator, Abdulaziz said: “While JEEM does mainly cater to those on the hunt for beauty services at home, JEEM also aims to empower local salons and beauticians by offering them a platform to expand their customer base and further develop their business.”

JEEM will be available on iOS and Android by mid-June 2019.

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