24 Karat Gold Elixir Debuts in the UAE Beauty Market

The UAE-based skin care brand has just launched a ‘pioneering’ face oil to combat signs of ageing


The 24 Karat Mehrunisa Gold Elixir combats ageing with anti-inflammatory properties

The 24 Karat Mehrunisa Gold Elixir is a skin enhancing oil founded by Mehrunisa Shahid, who created the product with the aim to change the way that people took care of their skin.

The product contains anti-ageing benefits for all skin types with ingredients that help to brighten, hydrate and nourish the skin.
The pure 24K Gold flakes aid in boosting collagen and absorb immediately when applied. Additionally, essential fatty acids found in the oil act as emollients which improve density and firmness.

The brand recently made its international debut at celebrity make-up connoisseur and global beauty guru, Mario Dedivanovic’s London masterclass. The home-grown brand, was the only UAE-based brand to have been accepted as a sponsor for the highly-renowned annual event. 

Speaking about the product, The 24 Karat Gold Elixir founder Mehrunisa Shahid said: “I was always fascinated at the thought of ancient civilizations using gold for youth and beauty. In ancient Rome, the benefits of gold in skin care were used for the treatment of a variety of skin problems. Egyptians believed that gold had medicinal properties that could help in healing diseases. So I decided to develop an elixir of pure essential oils infused with 24K gold flecks. I used it on my skin and the benefits were outstanding.

Today our products are developed using the best possible raw materials and ingredients. 24K Gold flecks are used as an anti-aging ingredient, since gold can help reduce inflammation which results in hyper pigmentation. Our anti-aging 24K gold skincare was developed after years of patient feedback of what works and what doesn’t. It gives me so much satisfaction to hear from my customers who have used my product and experienced healthier, balanced skin.”

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