Lush Bath Bombs: 30 Years in the Making

To mark the milestone, Lush has released 54 new bath bombs


Lush Bath Bombs: 30 Years in the Making.

Lush celebrates its 30th anniversary year of curating their own bath bomb ranges with 54 new fizzers, some with brand new formulas and others from the Lush archives for people to choose from.

It all started when Lush’s co-founder, Mo Constantine, wanted to turn an ordinary bath into something luxurious without irritating delicate skin. She created products using citric acid, sodium bicarb and blend of essential oils and fresh ingredients that softened water.

Constantine and her son, Jack together have experimented and invented bath bombs for people to enjoy a soak in the tub to boost the mind, help wind down after a long day and help soothe the muscles. In November 2018, Jack opened the world’s first bath bomb concept shop in Harajuku, Tokyo, because of the success behind their mineral-rich seaweed Jelly bomb.

“Everything you see today with the bath bombs has been evolved considerably from scratch”, said co-founder of Lush, Mo Constantine. “After a bit of experimenting we realised what you could do and made our first solid thing. It was really quite fun!”

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