Dubai Municipality to Release Montaji App Update This Year

The organisation has been going to great lengths to streamline the registration of cosmetic products


The new version of the app will streamline the registration of cosmetic products in the emirate.

Vital to the process of registering cosmetic products is determining whether they are safe for public consumption and labelled correctly.

Speaking exclusively to Middle East Beauty during Beautyworld Middle East last month Dubai Municipality’s Health & Safety Department deputy director Dr. Naseem Mohammed Rafee shared her thoughts on the use of the word ‘natural’ on product labels: “We always say that if a product is packaged it's no longer natural. These are the things that we try to educate the public about. And then what we do is that whatever claim is on the product, the company needs to prove it.” Dr. Naseem continued, “If they claim that the product is an organic product they need to prove it by providing us with accredited documents proving this or that a high percentage of the ingredients are from organic sources. It's the same with halal. If they claim that it's halal, then we need proof of that in the form of a certificate from an Islamic organisation.

Dr. Naseem went on to clarify that the registration of medical products falls under the remit of The Dubai Health Authority, not Dubai Municipality: “Medical claims are not allowed. Sometimes we get skin care products that claim to treat diseases. This is no longer a cosmetic. If the cream can do that, this means that it's a medical product and should not be registered with us at all.”

Finally, Dr. Naseem revealed that a new and improved version of the Montaji App which can be used to register cosmetic products with Dubai Municipality, is due to be released: “We will be launching the new version of Montaji very soon. It is very comprehensive. We can categorise who is using the application. It can be for the public and it also can be for companies. Both of them have diff erent features because the company may need this application for different reasons than the public. The public can use it to report to us if they have faced any type of side eff ects from using a product. So this is a very nice initiative. We have been working hard on this for more than a year.”

The new version of the application is still in the final stages of development but, according to Dr. Naseem, it will be released before the end of the year. The current version of the Montaji App is available to download from the App Store or Google Play.
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