L’Oréal Partners with Musée de l’Homme for a Skin Exhibition

The exhibition titled Dans Ma Peau (In My Skin) takes visitors on an immersive journey


The exhibition titled Dans Ma Peau (In My Skin) takes visitors on an immersive journey.
Matteo L’Oréal R&I

In partnership with the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle - Musée de l’Homme, L’Oréal has designed an exhibition offering an immersive dive into our largest organ.

“Forty years ago, some biologists took up the challenge of rebuilding human skin and the fruits of their research are there: decoding its colour, understanding the impact of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, deciphering the mechanisms of aging, improving skin grafts for severe burns, replacing of animal testing and new approaches to rare diseases such as Moon children... The scientific adventure continues with the recent discovery of the microbiota, a carpet of microorganisms living on the surface, subject to all the aggressions of the environment, a living barrier against infections that communicates with the intestine and the brain,” said the exhibition organisers.

The exhibition mixes sensory experiences, projections and novel devices and allows visitors to discover the skin from the surface to the cell. Once inside, visitors can experience interactive stations where they can identify their own skin colour and begin to understand the complexity of the organ.

Dans Ma Peau - Immersive Exhibition will run from March 13 - June 3, 2019 at the Musée de L’homme, Paris, France.

Visit www.museedelhomme.fr for more information.

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