La Pura Introduces a Way to Feel and Look Better

The ladies-only health resort aims to attract clients from the GCC to experience its treatments


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Situated in the town of Gars am Kamp, approximately 80 km away from Vienna, La Pura Women´s Health Resort Kamptal offers F.X. Mayr detox treatment.

In order to make the resort more appealing for guests coming from the GCC, the stay is complimented with halal food, Arabic speaking drivers and free use of all the facilities at the resort.

In the resort, facilities and treatments are gender-specific.  Scientific studies have shown that they have a great impact on the overall wellness of women. La Pura provides guests with a sustainable way to achieve a wholesome detox the body requires with the F.X. Mayr cure.

International Association of F.X. Mayr Physicians president Dr. Alex Witasek explained: “La Pura’s F.X. Mayr procedures are designed to understand the digestion of the female bodies and works on four principles of rest, cleansing, substitution and training. With F.X. Mayr, you bring your digestion closer to its ideal condition, in this way you contribute to reducing health problems and preventing illness. Our expert medical staff carefully looks after each lady and their individual requirements to achieve the best results.”

La Pura will also be participating at Arab Health 2019 (Jan 28 -31, 2019, DWTC).


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