Glossier's Emily Weiss Talks Consumer Expertise and Connection

The founder and CEO of the web-based beauty retailer spoke to Recode about the keys to building her business


Emily Wiess.

In an interview with Recode earlier this week, Glossier founder and CEO Emily Weiss outlined the factors that were instrumental to the success of her brand.

Weiss describes Glossier as a beauty company, that’s also a tech company. From its humble beginings as a blog, Glossier now has 200 full-time employees (70% are female) across three offices in New York, Canada and London and last year made well over US $100 million in revenue. 

According to Weiss, the company has grown in part thanks to a focus on building a personalised relationship with each of its customers’ beauty needs, is trying to rekindle the “humanity of things and the connections you feel with people” that were diminished by the rise of online commerce. She lauded the rise of social media for exposing the reality that every consumer is an expert about the things they buy, and doesn’t need to depend on old brands.

“I think the consumer again had to really break free from this notion that she didn’t know enough,” Weiss said. “[Instead of] ‘Hey, you look good but you could look better. You’re really missing something,’ you know, and it’s really been this industry based on a lot of rules and a lot of like this is how it’s done ... you can really think of the kind of utility, and being able to connect through a topic like beauty, and be able to help one another from all corners of the internet.”

Weiss also hinted that a new Glossier platform was on the horizon but did not give details of when in would launch simply saying: "soon."

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